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Since 1993, Robert Breitbach Consulting has been present as a retained and independent International Executive Search Firm, managed by its proprietor. Our focus are the FMCG, Retail and Distribution Industries.

With offices in Germany (Bonn), Spain (La Coruña), and Estonia (Tallinn), as well as with a partner network that has been built over a period of more than a quarter of a century, we have all the necessary resources to manage your domestic and international personnel recruiting projects.

Our business activities include all tools a modern search firm can access, such as direct search, social networks, classifieds, database and finally our valuable industry contacts - after all we have more than 25 years of experience!

... welcome to ours!

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Robert Breitbach Consulting is THE firm to contact when know-how on technical and executive levels is required in Europe, the Middle East, India, and North America.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Let us inform you about our recruitment process in detail and we will be pleased to provide you with references.


Your Time Is Precious

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been gathering experience and sharing it with our clients.

Choose a consultancy that brings experience and perspective.

Expertise, personality, and values are what define our work.


Goal Setting Leads To Success

We have always strived for a business relationship based on partnership, being aware that we have a responsibility to represent our client's company. A solid basis of trust is essential here.

With our partners, we learn together, and we reach our goals together and thus we achieve success together.

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Executive Search

What is Executive Search?

Executive Search - Recruiter - Headhunter

On the website of Jobadder we find the following definition (Quote): "... an executive search is an employment search that is undertaken in order to find candidates to fill executive roles, or other positions of equivalent seniority.

This search is usually conducted by executive search firms on behalf of a third-party company. The advantage of an executive search being performed by an executive search firm is that the firm can undertake an initial screening of the candidate and confirm if they are suitable for the role and ascertain what their remuneration expectations before putting them in touch with the company.

As executive searches target highly qualified and desirable candidates, ideal candidates are sometimes already employed and are best approached by executive search firms in order to glean information about their interest in leaving their current role for a new opportunity....".

Please visit Jobadder.com for the complete article: Executive Search - Definition

An interesting overview of the profession and more information can be found on the website of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) which we would like to recommend: The Profession - Overview

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What are Fast Moving Consumer Goods?

From the website investopedia by author Will Kenton

(Quote): "... Fast-moving consumer goods are products that sell quickly at relatively low cost. These goods are also called consumer packaged goods.

FMCGs have a short shelf life because of high consumer demand - soda pop and confections—or because they are perishable - meat, dairy products, and baked goods.

These goods are purchased frequently, are consumed rapidly, are priced low, and are sold in large quantities. They also have a high turnover when they're on the shelf at the store..." (unquote).

Following a paragraph about "understanding of FMCG", the Mr. Kenton continues by listing categories of Fast Moving Consumer Goods:

Processed Foods
Cheese products, cereals, and boxed pasta.

Prepared Meals
Ready-to-eat meals.

Bottled water, energy drinks, and juices.

Baked Goods
Cookies, croissants, and bagels.

Fresh, Frozen Foods and Dry Goods
Fruits, vegetables, frozen peas and carrots, and raisins and nuts.

Aspirin, pain relievers, and other medication that can be purchased without a prescription.

Cleaning Products
Baking soda, oven cleaner, and window and glass cleaner.

Cosmetics and Toiletries
Hair care products, concealers, toothpaste, and soap.

Office Supplies
Pens, pencils, and markers..." (unquote).

The complete article and more can be found on investopedia.com: What are Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)?

Word for the day

"When you focus on the consumer, the consumer responds."
Alexander Wang (*1983) American Fashion Designer

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